Searching for QB1 in Buffalo

Training Camp is here, and we don’t know who the Bills will pick to be Starting QB

With Training Camp around the corner, it’s time to get serious about the Buffalo Bills QB Situation.  It’s a 3-way race for QB1, and no one knows for sure who the leader is.  Obvious answer – time will tell.  More fun answer – tell us right now!

Pat Duffy addressed the situation on the latest Press Box episode – and shared his usual passion for everything Buffalo Bills –


Matt Warren of BuffaloRumblings has a preview of the QB squad – and it’s worth a read.  Warren speculates that a strong camp from Nate Peterman secures him the job, and makes AJ McCarron expendable.  If the roles are reversed, and it’s McCarron who has the great pre-season, I would expect Peterman to remain with the Bills.  McCarron may not be so lucky – he wins the job or he looks for a job elsewhere.

Pro Football Focus dedicated some time to trying to answer the Bills QB situation as well.

Turning to the running back position – LeSean McCoy‘s recent troubles have the backfield in total disarray – as discussed on the Press Box.

Ian Rapoport had this update on Shady’s camp status

Nick Wojton for the BillsWire also filed an update…  Bottom line, McCoy will carry on like normal until the NFL tells him otherwise.  Which may happen… or not.

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