Buffalo Bills check-up: Incognito in?

Also inside: Fred Jackson, Draft Night Tango, 2018 Preseason Schedule, and Jim Kelly!

-Another wild week in Buffalo, the most bizarre seems to be Richie Ingonito retiring..and then coming right back out late Friday night?  Is he serious?  Is he healthy?  Only time will tell.  (UPDATED- He has since tweeted again asking the Bills to release him after claiming he’d be at OTA’s on Monday.  The saga continues.  Or is over.  One or the other.)

-One guy we know who is going to retire for sure is Fred Jackson, currently working on a one-day contract to go out as a Buffalo Bill.  Good on ya, Freddy!

-For the new players coming in, Draft Analyst writer Tony Pauline has reported that numerous sources believe that the Bills and Giants likely have a “blueprint” in place to allow Buffalo to move up to #2.  Whatever happens, it’s sure to be an interesting night.


Buffalo Bills 2018 Preseason Schedule

-The Bills preseason schedule has been released (where we’ll get to see some of those new additions), including a Week 3 tilt with the Cincinnati Bengals and a national audience.  What kind of reception will Andy Dalton receive?  I’d wager “warm,” and not just because it’s August.  The regular season schedule is slated to drop before the month is up.

Jim Kelly continues to improve after having cancer removed from his jaw two weeks ago.  Doctors are optimistic he’ll regain the same speech and eating abilities prior to the surgery.  #kellytough

  1. As a diehard Panthers fan, I cant wait until week 1! 🙂

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    1. Haha, just preseason though! Where do you think Carolina has their biggest holes right now? I like to know what other people are looking/hoping for in the draft, and keep that in the back of my head when their team comes up. Then I can be like “oh, thats that VR was hoping for!” I’ve had Baker Mayfield in the back of my head for a long time. I don’t know much about the guy, I don’t know much about any of the guys, actually, and I don’t want to get ‘married’ to the idea of any one of these guys just to get disappointed if/when that doesn’t happen. Heck, I remember the Bills needing an offensive lineman years ago, and I liked the guy Flozell Adams because of his name. As the pick drew closer, I thought “holy cow, they’re going to get him!” And, naturally, the Cowboys took him on the pick right before the Bills, and he went on to have a lengthy and productive career. Thats a guy I found out about while the draft was going on, NOT weeks and weeks before the first pick. Whatever you’re hoping for, good luck on Thursday night!

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