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2020 NASCAR Preview: Weeks 24 & 25 – Dover

Doubleheader at the Monster Mile!

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 23 – Daytona Road Course

Turning right at Daytona..


August 8, 2020 Does anyone remember the Chicago Fire; the Philadelphia Bell or my personal all-time favorite; the Shreveport Steamer?   Those were three of the erstwhile franchises in the World Football League which operated in 1974 and half of 1975.  They played a 20-game schedule running from July through November.  Old Miami Dolphins fans hate ...

Yankees – Mets: A Tale of Two Teams

Latest "Falkin' Around" with Carl Falk also talks Buffalo Bills Camp, Josh Allen, Antonio Brown and more... Yankees Riding High, Mets flounder - Bills Camp notes plus where will AB go next? Join Carl Falk for 'Falkin' Around', as Carl begins this week talking baseball, and the New York Yankees (01:53 - 13:55). ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 20 – New Hampshire

A short one today at the Magic Mile!

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 19 – Kansas

We're racing under the lights..on a Thursday Night?

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 18 – Texas

The sun is high, the time is nigh *clapclapclapclap* Deep in the Heart of Texas!

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 17 – Kentucky

All kinds of horsepower in Kentucky today..

NASCAR leads the way…

June 27, 2020 I am not a NASCAR guy. Never closely followed it. Been to a couple of races, including Daytona, and was entertained but found it largely loud and confusing. I mean you can't tell who's winning the race. It is a cultural phenomena. Born in the south. Based in the south. Largely run ...

2020 NASCAR Preview: Week 16 – Indianapolis

10 weeks earlier than last time, but now on 4th of July weekend!