ROC FAN POST: Notice the Knighthawks!

Roc Fan Post by Dave Young asks Rochester to Notice the Knighthawks!

Submitted by Dave Young

The Rochester Knighthawks are not only the hottest team in the NLL, but probably the best, most competitive team in the city! They’ve won 3 championships in the last 6 years and are deep in the hunt to take first place in the NLL’s East Conference and make a run at #4! Why are they not getting more local coverage?


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  1. […] Roc Fan Poster Dave Young asked Rochester to notice the Knighthawks, and he picked a good time for everyone because they’re headed to the playoffs!  With a win […]



  2. […] personal thanks to Dave Young (ROC Fan Poster) for shining a light on certain injustices.  I’ll do my best to cover more closely next […]



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